The Organisation vétérinaire Yaboumba is an independent non-profit organisation formely registered under French law. Yaboumba Asie, a part of Yaboumba International is an international non-governmental organization registered under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Why another association for Conservation? 

The disappearance of the animal and vegetable species falls under the logic of the evolution.  But, we see at our time an extinction of these species 1000 to 10000 times higher than the natural extinction, several tens per day and one consider that from here to 2050 the quarter of the species will have disappeared.  It is a true crisis of the biodiversity.
Yaboumba does not claim to replace great associations like the WWF or the UICN.  We are just conscious that sometimes a simple hand, a small project, may also help to preserve Nature in the respect and the ethics of the Human one.  Our efforts will relate to a moral and financial support for all those which want to work for Nature.  This Association wants to be to represent this close link between the wild world – so near and so distance – and ourselves.  It gathers people who want to act actively, directly or indirectly for the safeguard of endangered species, the safeguarding of biological diversity and the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Concepts of Yaboumba concerning conservation and sustainable development

Well too often we see the waste which can produce the international projects of Conservation, controlled remotely or literally « sprinkled » with dollars without true concern of the problems of ground. Wastes and failure will be recurring words as long as into account the cultural dimension of the populations concerned will not be taken. Keep the cultural identity, favourable for a true dialogue, is essential for durable projects. Moreover, before « Preserving » it is initially a question of dialoguing, of working on subjects of common interest of the actors:  cultures, traditions, religions… After that, will be able to build a solid project for Conservation and a rational management of the natural resources. We pose the problem of the sustainable development by defining it in an integrated way and especially not sectoral. We try on our modest scale to carry out a global and balanced approach of policies to carry out:  economic development and diversification, fight against the misdeeds of poverty, ensure the good human being (material and moral), support a social equity, preserve the cultural identity, manage in a rational way the natural resources…

Education seems to us a priority building site.  It is by the elimination of illiteracy, training and education that the battle of the sustainable development will be gained.  But education, must not globalize one language (in fact English):  it is a question of supporting all languages which represent the root and the identity of the people:  khmer, bambara, peul, wolof, sara…

Our fields of competences cover the following actions.

Dissemination of knowledge
– Scientifics and specialized teaching
– pedagogy and sensibilsation

Valorization of the local richnesses:  faunistic and cultural

Intervention on the economic aspects of the sustainable development

Fight against poverty, support equity social, contributes to the social integration of young people

Institutional supports
Scientific studies, expertise and to audit
Trainings of administrative staffs (in particular in the field international trade)
Proposal for regulations

Conservation in-situ and ex-situ
– Projects of specific or ecosystemic conservation
– Management of natural reserve
– Management of zoological gardens with its zootechnical, scientific and logistic dimensions